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The simple way to send and receive files with end-to-end encryption

built by cyber security professionals

Share files securely and privately with anyone, or invite them to send files to you, using a link that automatically expires. Send sensitive documents, photos, videos or just messages. You don't need to install anything, and the other person doesn't need an account.
And best of all you can use Trebuchet for FREE with no ads.
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Why choose Trebuchet?

Share files securely with ANYONE
Using true end-to-end encryption. Even we can't read your data.
YOU control the security
Add passwords, set download limits, and control when files are deleted automatically.
Send HUGE files, up to 10GB
Multiple files are no problem either.
REQUEST files from anyone
Invite anyone to send YOU files securely.
No software install required
Trebuchet works from your browser on your computer, tablet and phone.
A range of tiers from FREE to white-label
You can even bring your own domain and brand Trebuchet to integrate with your own website.

Safer than email attachments

Here are some examples of uses for Trebuchet:

Send large files and lots of files
Free yourself from the size limitations of sending email attachments. With Trebuchet you can send files as big as 10GB.
Send files to your clients simply & securely
Avoid the hassle of password protecting your PDFs and Office documents. Encryption is end-to-end and seamless. Sharing links auto-delete so files don't hang about in email inboxes.
Send documents for signing and request return
With Trebuchet you can send a return link invitation with your sent documents, to get them back once they are signed or edited.
Recipient can confirm who has sent the files
Unlike some other file send products, with Trebuchet you are always sending from a registered account, so the recipient can check who is sending the files before downloading them. This avoids anonymous sending that might be malicious.

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions about Trebuchet. For more see how it works.

How are the files encrypted?

Trebuchet uses end-to-end encryption. Files are encrypted in your browser using AES-256 encryption before they are sent to our servers, and only decrypted in the recipient's browser. Since we never have access to the decryption key, we can’t ever decrypt your files.

Who can access the files that I share?

Anyone who has the sharing link can access the files. For additional privacy, a password can be added which can be sent separately from the link. We do not have access to your sharing link, this is generated for you in your browser.

Can my whole team or company use it?

Yes. See the pricing page for more information on the different licensing options. Accounts are available for individuals, teams, and organisations. You can even have a version of Trebuchet with your own branding, at your own domain.

Simple, encrypted file sharing, from your browser to anyone. No setup, no software, just sign in and share.

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